One of Billboard's veteran reporters has been chosen as an ASCAP-Deems Taylor honoree for 1998.

Washington Bureau Chief Bill Holland's article, "Labels Strive to Rectify Past Archival Problems," published in the July 12 and July 19, 1997, issues of Billboard, was chosen in the Pop Articles category to receive a Special Citation and will be honored at an awards ceremony in December. Previous citation winners include Rolling Stone magazine and Voice of America.

The ASCAP-Deems Taylor awards are presented annually by ASCAP to American authors and journalists whose books and articles on the subject of music are selected for their excellence. The Awards were established in 1967 to honor the memory of composer/critic/commentator Deems Taylor who died in 1966 after a distinguished career that included six years as President of ASCAP.

The article on U.S. record industry vault losses appeared in Billboard July 11 and 17, 1997. It was won both the first Billboard Donaldson Front Page Award and an ASCAP Deems Taylor Award.

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