If It Ain't One Thing ...

"If It Ain't One Thing ...," Adelphi 1004—1975
Studio recording. LP. Original pop, rock and jazz. Out of print, but limited edition Dutch Treat Music cd's or cassette available upon request.

Voted one of WHFS FM albums of the year, 1976.
Included in Village Voice columnist Robert Christgau's book, "Rock Albums of the '70's." Says Christgau: "If I were an a&r man and heard some unknown put across songs as out-of-the-ordinary as 'This Fourth Year' and 'Do The Mambo,' I'd say to hell with the cracked voice and sign him." "B+"

Titles: "If It Ain't One Thing"; "Old Leroy"; "(Are You a) Honky-Tonk Dream?"; "Dear George Washington--The Bicentennial Bite"; "Do the Mambo"; "This Fourth Year"; "Quarter to Four"; "Please Come Home"; "Got To Get You Off My Mind"; "Spring Song."

Band members include Gerry Mulé, electric guitar (Emmylou Harris); Kurt McGettrick, sax and woodwinds (Frank Zappa) and Mac Cridlin (Hoodoo Rhythm Devils). Also Rick Anderson, Steve Wolf, Scott Taylor, Fran Tate, Mike Roll, John Bohonis, Eric Hock, Reggie Brisbane, and Don Monahan.

Cover photo by John Gossage.


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