Players, Fools & Theives"Players, Fools & Thieves" Dutch Treat 1004 — 1994
Studio recording. CD. Original pop, jazz, r&b and ballads

Songbook-style album, picked by Performing Songwriter Magazine as one of the Top Indie Albums of the Year, features Bill as well as guest vocalists John Jennings, Mary Ann Redmond, Bill Baker and Tommy Lepsom singing his new songs. Titles: "Fools and Thieves"; "A State of Bliss"; "The Last Winter Rose"; "The Last Jug"; "Don't You Try (To Make a Monkey Out of Me"; "The Light in Your Eyes"; "No One Else"; "Love in This Crazy World;"; "Here (Children Roam the Land with Guns)"; "Think Twice"; "A State of Bliss" (instrumental version), and "It's Really Over." Features Gantt Kushner, electric guitar; Ron Holloway (Dizzy Gillespie), Al Williams and Bruce Swaim, tenor sax; Chris Battistone, trumpet; Mac Cridlin (John Lee Hooker) and Steve Wolf, electric bass (Deana Bogart), and Scott Taylor, drums.

LINER NOTES Players, Fools & Theives Liner Notes

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